We love to make you stronger

At Crossfit Zoh you'll be amazed by our coaching standards and dedicated focus to your form so that the workouts are injury-free, but mostly we are sure you will stay because there is no other community as vibrant as ours!

We have explored human movement for a long time

The needs of professional athletes and those looking to simply improve their fitness levels differ only in degrees. At Crossfit Zoh we create workouts that include a variety of functional with customised intensity based on individual needs and potential. Everyone can Crossfit!


Fitness is in our blood

We help you eliminate hours of looking online for planning workouts so you can focus on your personal fitness. We have personalized fitness programs that you can join us at our box or join our online classes. Anyone can benefit from our classes, no matter current fitness level. Our site also has a video movement guide along with a comprehensive index that are unrivaled in quality and instruction.

We think out of the Box

Fitness isn't always inside the CrossFit box as these times teach us. We have adapted to new ways of keeping you active and fit at home and designed workouts that can be done just as effectively at home too! We have an in-depth online resource to give you tips on how you can absolutely Rock your workout!!


Our Team.

Our coaches are CrossFit certified and determined to help you reach your fitness goals. Expect to be inspired. Expect to be motivated.

team people

Hari Babu

Head Coach

team people

Gayathri Krishanmurthy

Chief Coach


Flexible plans, online and box that fit everyone!


1mo - ₹3200 + GST
3mo - ₹9000 + GST

3 online sessions a week AM/PM on M W F


1mo - ₹6500 + GST
3mo - ₹12000 + GST
6mo - ₹21000 + GST
9mo - ₹29250 + GST

6 days a week

From a sports person to a CrossFitter journey for me was only possible because of Zoh. 4 years back I was introduced to Zoh and from then onwards my life has only taken the right direction in the aspect of fitness and workout regime.


Fahad Oliyath

A regular to box for last 1 year now, CrossFit is not an integral part of my fitness journey. Coaches at ZOH are truly passionate about work they are doing and provide best of guidance in & out of box. Always the focus is on getting the form right and even though it's group workout., as every individual is different they get own attention and correction as needed. WOD(workout of the day) everyday are different and hence no two classes are the same and makes it exciting. To sum it up its very addictive and helps overall development of body & mind.


Rajesh Jana

Software Architect plus a fitness enthusiast

This place is very close knitted and the best part, even on your Day 1, you will be treated like a part of the family. After joining ZoH, I understood it is not alway about loosing weight, it is about respecting, listening to the body, letting it heal and wonders will happen. Pay attention to the coaches and see how magic happens. Join the community, join CrossFit ZOH, you will not regret.


Pallavi Baruah

Software Architect plus a fitness enthusiast

CrossFit ZOH has been absolutely game changing for me. I've tried gyms on and off with the mindset of 'losing weight' and it never seemed to work as it either got boring over time. I'm glad I tried Zoh though, it really is a very different experience. The coaches genuinely care about you and want to help you become better. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, you will have a great workout doing the same exercises. The exercises are anything but boring and catered to giving you the best workouts. The fact that these classes are planned for the entire month shows the amount of thinking going in by the coaches. While all of the above is reason enough, most of all the community is just amazing.


Touseef Ahmed

Product Manager

Hari & Gayatri are excellent CrossFit coaches. They had recommended me customised exercises esp on my historical sport injury and it worked out well. They are one of the best fitness coaches that I have met.😎


Renjith Mathew

IT professional

I have been working out at CrossFit Zoh for about a year and half. I joined at the age of 16 and was the youngest bloke there but the coaches and the community ensured that I was paid attention towards and didn't do stupid shit. The CrossFit style workouts are short, intense and the endorphins released make me leave the box in a better spirit than O arrived. The coaches ensures that my form was right first so that I could advance at a smooth pace avoiding injuries. When I joined I weighed close to 58kgs and was really scronny, no meat on the bone. Since then to now I have gained 10 kgs and weigh 68kgs. I feel and look way better, and it was a rather fun journey really. Massive thanks coaches Hari and Gayathri and the community for being so supportive.


Yash Kulkarni


Zoh is the best thing to have happened to me. With 5 spinal cord surgeries and a dead sciatica, had lost hope of ever getting back on my feet at 58 yrs. I am now able to run 3-4 kms within a month! Thanks to the patience of the coaches at Zoh. Especially,Hari who nudges you with his smile to do better everyday, but never pushes. A place to experience the difference.


Dr B E Amita Rani

Research Scientist

Doing crossfit was my dream and i am living that now.Thanks crossfitZoh. The atmosphere of the box is electrifying, community is so supportive.Coaches are very knowledgeable and caring.Love the passion with which coaches carry out the classes.


Sakshi Vijan

IT Business Analyst

I can definitely call CrossFit ZOH a life altering experience. Had a similar experience before with Ashtanga Yoga - at a more individual level. But at ZOH, it feels like a family, right from the coaches to all the CrossFit members and that's what makes it both fun along with superb focus on fitness. After just about 6 months of joining, I already feel at my fittest ever ! What's brilliant is, even during the Covid lockdown, the coaches have painstakingly designed perfect workout plans and videos. Looks like we're (Harshil and I) in it for the long haul and we're lovin' every bit of it !


Rashmi Thakur

Business Professional

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